Macleay Museum Tour

Macleay Museum

Photographer Michael Myers©Sydney University Museums 2010

The Macleay Museum is a museum of the history of science and culture. Organised to explain the historical function of museums as places of learning, the museum’s collections include a facsimile Leeuwenhoek microscope, teaching and dissecting scopes from the early 20th century, and home entertainment and scientific slide preparations from the Victorian era.

Photographer Carl Bento©Sydney University Museums 2015

Our temporary exhibition Written in Stone looks anew at Aboriginal stone tools collected through the interests and research of the University’s geographers, geologists and anthropologists at the turn of the 19th.  Join our curators in a walk through the history of the museum’s microscopy and/or the challenges of modern microscopy in understanding the past.

Location: The Macleay Museum is located on the top floor of the Macleay Building on Science Rd. Please ring 9036 5253 if you require lift access.

Time: Tour times to be confirmed. Tours will take 30-40 minutes are are limited to 30 people per tour.