IR Imaging

FTIR Imaging – resolution for every application

Agilent Std CorpSig RGBFTIR imaging enables rapid measurement of infrared spectra from small samples with high spatial resolution. Individual infrared spectra from across the sample are recorded simultaneously using an array IR detector. By plotting the absorption of a particular functional group (e.g. C-H, or C=O) from every pixel in the image, it is possible to create “chemical images” that reflect the chemical distribution across the sample.

The ability to image large areas with high spatial resolution and sensitivity, in minutes, are just some of the benefits of this popular infrared sampling technique.

In this workshop you will hear from FTIR imaging experts on the latest developments in FTIR imaging technology such as improved spatial resolution and large area imaging. The presenters will discuss examples of how FTIR imaging can be applied to problems in:

  • Materials science and engineering
  • Polymer research, including multilayer laminate packaging materials
  • Biomedical imaging
  • Coatings analysis
  • Art conservation

Duration: 1/2 day

Tuesday Afternoon – 29th September, 2015

FTIR Imaging workshop_flyer


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