Keynote Speaker

Giulietta Smulevich is Professor of Physical Chemistry at the Chemistry Department of the University of Florence, Italy. She has been Postdoctoral Fellow and Visiting Scientistgiulietta at Princeton University (1983–1992), Visiting Professor at Rutgers University (USA) (1988), Concordia University (Canada) (1990), and external Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Aalborg University (DK) (2003-2008). She is currently Associate Editor of the Journal of Raman Spectroscopy. Her research is in the area of biophysical chemistry and is mainly focused on understanding the interplay between structure, dynamics and functional properties of heme proteins, one of the most important classes of biomolecules. In particular, her research goal is to understand the role played by the key residues in the proximity of the heme cavity in order to decipher the structure-function relationship by using electronic and vibrational spectroscopic techniques (Raman and resonance Raman, SERS, and FTIR, UV-Vis). She is the author of more than 180 publications in international journals.


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